The Benefits

The benefits of
working with Us

Working with SCA Business Consultancy can generate a wide range of benefits to your business. Although our most common goal is to generate and implement financial opportunities within your business, our experts focus on a huge range of other aspects, including improving operational efficiencies, reducing waste and optimizing and consolidating processes. All of these factors help to improve efficiency, improve cash flow and safeguard your future success. The extensive analysis work conducted by SCA Business Consultancy can also give you peace of mind, particularly in terms of supplier relationships and contracts.

Delivering significant and sustainable cost savings and profitability to your business across the UK & Ireland.

Ultimately, the client company defines the goals and objectives. We are here to help you achieve those opportunities and you will remain in control of which areas of your business we work on.

Below you will find a simple summary of some of the most important benefits of working with SCA Business Consultancy. This is not an exhaustive list but hopefully, it will help you to better understand what we can do for your business.


Business Consultancy techniques

A specific strategy comprises techniques that demands mastery to ensure a job well done. A Consultant typically possesses the required skills to handle techniques such as quality measurements, cost-benefit, and value analysis, just to mention a few. The knowledge of these techniques is not only useful during its implementation but provides an expert with the arsenal to know which of them to employ at a given situation. Besides, with industry variations, mastery of these techniques will help a consultant quickly redesign its practices to align with that of business operations.


Leverage & Influence:

SCA Business Consultancy accesses price bands, added value services and discount structures – that are usually available only to the largest organisations, because we have exceptional supplier relationships.


Familiarity with business overspending activities:

Overspending could come from low and high value adding practices, duplications of roles, and a whole host of others. A Consultant would have a nose to sniff out where companies are typically overspending, given the industry, size, and business practices of the enterprise.

Information & Resources:

SCA Business Consultancy is continually testing the market in terms of prices and services and has unique insight into the supplier base and what prices, products, and services are available to you. You can also access the time and expertise of our entire organisation, on a project-by-project basis as required.

Negotiation Bidding skills:

Negotiation bidding is more efficient for a business compared to competitive bidding. If a business is procuring a service, a Consultant with good negotiation bidding skills will help a company get a cost-efficient deal. That is a situation where we spend our time wisely with practices or other processes but still ensure the services provided are not inferior.

Significant Cost Reduction:

Our savings in cost reduction average circa 30% across all projects undertaken. In over 65% of cases, we can achieve savings without a change of supplier. In all cases savings are implemented without a reduction in the quality or service levels enjoyed by you.

Excellent analytical and communication skills:

Both these skills go hand in hand. They require analytical skills to review a business looking for avenues to cut costs without reducing performance. A cost reduction specialist evaluates available data carefully, and expertly sells his cost reduction proposal to the management.

Implementation Experience:

SCA Business Consultancy project teams have implemented thousands of programmes involving change across over hundreds of clients. You can be assured of our ability to make change happen without it being distracting to the core focus of your organisation

Familiarity with trends:

Trends provide businesses opportunities to grow and meet up with ever-changing demand. Identifying the cost-efficient and consultancy opportunities a business should invest in without putting them at any financial risk.

Expert Knowledge:

SCA Business Consultancy experts were previously Company Directors or Senior Management in their respective fields. This expert industry-specific knowledge means that you can have access to a level of expertise equivalent or superior to that of your suppliers and experience in the minutiae of the contracts.


While we are an influential force within the supply chain, we are immune to influence from suppliers. We have the ability to approach the whole market on your behalf, unrestricted by agreements or preferred suppliers.

Rapid Results:

SCA Business Consultancy brings expert resource to each review, which in some cases can take less than 4 weeks to reach a point where options to implement can be presented.

Enhanced Cost Management:

Tailored supply audit reports prove savings and provide insight and visibility that allow costs to be managed down, and suppliers held to account.