Staff Hut

What is Staff Hut

Staff Hut, is our own personal brand and is designed specifically towards supporting your employees and their families with a number of health, well being and financial benefits.

At the same time highlight how this business solution will reduce sickness by up to 41%, increase productivity by 13%, improve retention by 20%, and increase overall moral of the staff.

We have facts and figures to back everything up.

This is all about becoming an employer of choice, all starts with the company culture and team engagement being correct in order to create a community for everyone to thrive. When you have a happy team, employees will remain with your company for much longer.

Employee engagement and communication done correctly will

  • Improve retention by 20-30%
  • Reduce sickness by up to 41%
  • Increase productivity by 13%
  • Increase morale
  • Save you money – aims are to provide 300%+ ROI

GP 24/7

Offered appointment options within 15 minutes
From the comfort of your own home
No limit on the number of calls

Mental Wellness

24/7 access to a counsellor
Appointment options given within 15 minutes
6 sessions per episode
No meeting time restrictions

Cash Back Card

4-15% Cashback
Prepaid card – easy to top up Up to 84
Cashback receivedwithin 5 workingdays
Vault – stores any cashback earned

Cycle to Work Scheme

Cyclescheme is a tax-efficient benefit that will enable your team to save money on a new bike and accessories whilst also spreading the cost.

The scheme allowsa saving of 25-39% on all cyclinggear.


Choose from over 5,000 tech products at
Currys PC World allowing your team to spreadthe cost and make savings. This includes:

  • Laptops and desktop computers
  • Washingmachines, fridges and freezers
  • TVs,tablets and games consoles
  • Smartwatches and alarm clocks
  • Videodoorbells and smart heating etc.

Auriga Financial Support

Independent and confidential financial advice offering a wide range of assistance including budgeting, benefits entitlement, payment negotiations and advice on the cost of living for those who
are struggling.

Legal 24/7

24/7 Legal helpline to access legal advice from one of the country’s top law firms.
Speak with highly trained individuals based in the UK covering all areas of law.