Employee Tax Refund

7 million taxpayers are missing out on a valuable tax refund worth on average £220 each!

1 in every 3 people are paying too much on their taxes and they rely on HMRC to make the correct adjustments. Their PAYE system is reliant on the employee to provide them with the correct tax codes, as a result, too much tax is charged. This can cause, or add to their financial stress, which is proven to have a direct impact on the productivity and profitability of their employer ’ s business.

Our tax department engages with employers, professional bodies, trade unions and debt management organisations to help them educate their employees, members and clients in the need to check that HMRC has issued them with the correct tax codes.

Most employees, having never read the letter HMRC sends them as do not understanding tax, assume their employer automatically takes the correct tax off their pay. They would not know if there was a problem with their tax, would automatically assume that any problems arising, HMRC would automatically give them back any overpayment they were due. Of course, none of these assumptions are correct.

To add to the problem, even if employees are made aware of the need to check their tax codes, they normally lack the required understanding of tax to do so. This prevents them getting back tax they did not need to pay and making sure they are paying the correct tax currently.

We represent and work on behalf of employees that don ’t know how to check their tax, or do not wish to do so themselves. Providing an expert tax review that guarantees not only to recover any money the employee didn ’t need to pay to HMRC, but to pay the employees tax bill in the event they receive an unexpected bill from HMRC as a direct result of completing the review.

Having helped some 2.2million employees check their tax and recover over £130 million for more than 670,000 employees found to have been using the wrong tax codes. Our Tax Refund team are without doubt, the leaders in their field.


  1. Enables them to increase employees net pay with no cost to the business.
  2. Reduces financial stress within the workforce resulting in improved productivity and profitability.
  3. Potentially increases the take up of other benefits as employees have greater disposable income.
  4. Can increase employee retention / reduce staff turnover.


  1. Recovers money they would otherwise have lost.
  2. Removes the need to have any
    direct dealing with HMRC.
  3. Can increase their net pay in future months.
  4. Can reduce their financial stress.
  5. Provides peace of mind that their tax affairs are in order.
  6. No fees unless HMRC pays them a refund.


We will provide you with a totally independent review – remember we ’ re on your side and you only pay us if we help you get your money back, otherwise it is totally FREE.

Where you get a tax refund, our fees are clear and simple – if you get up to £100 back, we charge £38. If you get over £100, we charge 38p for each £1 we recover. If for any reason your refund is under £38, you won ’t need to pay us any more than we got back for you.

We won ’t charge you anything on refunds we get back for a current tax year that are paid directly into your wages – we ’ll let you keep the whole refund – so you could get a refund and pay us nothing. You also won ’t need to pay us a fee for any money you save after we have completed your review and corrected your tax code.

And, if in the incredibly unlikely situation you get a tax bill from HMRC as a direct result of our review, we will pay the bill for you.