Employment Partnership

Professional Employer Organisation

The Employment Partnership (EP) is a unique and bespoke business solution that will enhance both the employer and the employee financially.

Managing your business overheads and trying to budget for unforeseen costs have never been more challenging as in the current economic climate. Companies have to be wise in their financial dealings, dont have a bottomless pit of money.

The Employment Partnership helps you to do both!


It provides a monthly commission back to the client company based on 1% of the gross annual payroll amount. 

It eliminates completely the vicarious liability associated with employing staff. 

It allows the client company access to specific recruitment opportunities when they are having difficulty facilitating certain positions within the business.

Open up a number of financial opportunities such as cheaper energy procurement and more robust pensions available for the same cost.


Retail Discounts – with access to major retailers and leisure operators giving discounts on everyday spends, generating average employee saving of £1,300 per annum. 

Give your employees the flexibility to choose when they get paid, through our Pay Assist option. Employees can access up to 50% of their earned pay before each payday, whether weekly, fortnightly or monthly

Well-being module – whether physical, mental or financial, help employees achieve their wellness goals. Encourage and support employees for a healthier, more engaged team. 

The employment partnership engages the services of a Professional Employer Organisation (PEO), in order to facilitate and provide everything highlighted above to the employer and employee.

Once implemented it runs like clockwork. We check the HMRC and Pension portals every month and it is exactly as you would expect it, penny perfect

Finance Director – £80m payroll Construction Industry Client

What is a PEO?

Professional Employer Organisations or PEOs began to emerge in the 1960s and 1970s, though they looked a bit different than today. In the US, this created a co-employment relationship which soon became very popular: smaller companies came together to ensure they had the same buying power as a larger company. Our PEO is a cooperative, that allows clients to benefit, by using the combined value of the total workforce as leverage in the market. 

Leveraging economies of scale when procuring certain key administrative and human resources tasks, such as pension and management, payroll processing and employee benefits, meant they could offer benefits which would otherwise be unaffordable. Once implemented it runs like clockwork. We check the HMRC and Pension portals every month and it is exactly as you would expect it, penny perfect 

The current payroll under management is over £2bn, resulting in clients and their staff receiving benefits that are normally paid for in other models. This is achieved by creating a co-employment relationship between the PEO, the staff and the client.

How does the Employment Partnership work as a PEO?

In the UK, there are a couple of models that can provide employee benefits: the first incurs a cost to the employer per employee and the second incurs no cost to the employer but will require a PEO to ‘co-employ’ the employees – one would manage the employee’s day-to-day work, and the other would pay the employee and provide the benefits package.

While the US system is set up to recognise two employers, the UK isn’t. To enable employees to be part of the PEO solution, we create a new entity with its own PAYE solely for the purposes of providing the benefits at no cost to the client. This assignment of employees to the new entity would be via Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations (TUPE) with the new entity then becoming part of the PEO.