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Company Statement

We are dedicated to providing quality service to our customers. This is the lifeblood of any organisation and at SCA Business Consultancy it is not a department but an attitude.

Our Business is simple but effective with excellence through performance. Our aim is to develop a successful company by bringing value and a competitive advantage to our clients.

We will work effectively together as one group to deliver the best possible service to our clients. We value lasting relationships, honesty, integrity and trust.

Our Core Values

  • We will work effectively together as one group, to deliver the best possible result to our customers and our company.
  • We will put SCA Business Consultancy business objectives above our personal agendas.
  • We will put customer care at the top of our agendas.
  • Effective and efficient management will be a priority for us all.
  • Partners, customers and suppliers will be treated in a professional manner, as part of our team.
  • We will adopt a blame free culture and encourage openness and honesty, creating an environment where cynicism, oppression and rudeness are not acceptable
  • We will respect all our staff; the contribution they make to the company; and
    acknowledge the need for people to balance their personal and business lives.
  • We will use innovation, creativity, and hard work, coupled with our team’s unique mixture of skills to instil a passion to deliver above our customers’ expectations.

    Whether you would like to set up an initial meeting, gain more valuable insight into your industry or start the cost optimisation or business consultancy process, we can help you achieve your business mission and enable you to spend more time focusing on new initiatives and innovation, helping your business succeed.