HMRC Dispute Resolution

If you have an HMRC investigation, how can you be assured of a fair outcome?

We are an independent team of tax experts who provide bespoke tax advisory services to accountants or anyone within industry who need specialist tax input for their clients. The team is made up of tax consultants that have VAT, IHT and personal tax experience accumulating many years of experience.

Having the specific knowledge of HMRC’ s legal framework whilst they carry out their investigations; the strategy, practices and procedures that accompanies this, is critical to a successful outcome.

We have a strong track record in technically challenging cases, our investigatory skill set in particularly beneficial when interpreting evidence.

Coupling this with our highly effective negotiating skills we can ensure, that our findings were never successfully challenged at appeal. Other area of expertise includes dealing with all aspects of joint VAT and tax investigations. COP 9 investigations; application of HMRC’ s information and inspection powers; HMRC’ s powers to make discovery assessments; Penalty Reductions and Penalty Suspensions: Dealing with HMRC delay and human rights Act (HRA).

We also have considerable experience in dealing with business compliance, our team have been at the forefront of HMRC’ s evasion response.

Plumbing supplier facing £600k tax bill - we settled for £104k.

Very well-known car dealer facing £350k tax bill - we got the case closed with no tax to pay.

Hospitality client facing £700k tax bill - we got the case settled for £53k.